Hydraulic Motor Driven Aluminum Alloy Air Cooler

Product Cageroy:Air Oil Cooling Heat Exchanger

Model No:HM6042


Gear Motor Displacement:25ml/r

Cooling power(△t=30℃):52Kw

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Hydraulic motor driven air cooler uses air as the cooling source and is made of high quality aluminum alloy.The environment-limited pressure-type heat exchanger has sufficient built-in fins in the heat dissipation channel of the heat dissipation plate,and the heat dissipation area is larger.The welding part adopts the brazing furnace technology with high pressure resistance value,the main parts fan motor are produced by high quality enterprises.

Hydraulic motor air cooler is designed with aluminum high-speed hydraulic gear motor to drive high-strength carbon fiber blades. The high-performance hydraulic motor can work uninterrupted for a long time under harsh working conditions. The air cooler does not need power supply, and the pressure management of the main engine. Just connect. The hydraulic motor drives high speed and high air volume to meet the cooling and cooling requirements of various engineering machinery hydraulic systems. The product design principle is air heat oil exchange cooling. Under the action of the fan, the low-temperature airflow is passed through the heat transfer fins outside the radiator to forcibly cool the heat. The heat transfer fins are also designed inside the oil passage of the diffuser heat exchanger, which greatly increases the heat dissipation efficiency.

With efficiency cooling capacity,it’s applicable to engineering machinery,hydraulic crance,concrete pump trucks,hydraulic rotary drilling rigs,pile machinery,and other mobile machinery,hydraulic systems.








Cooling Power   (△T=30℃) Pressure


Displacement of motor Motor Pressure


Heat Transarea  m²
HM1490 G ½” 200 15Kw 2.5 8ml/r 25 9.3
HM1680 G1 ½” 250 21Kw 2.5 8ml/r 25 11.3
HM2095 G1 ½” 350 21Kw 2.5 16ml/r 25 19.0
HM1880 G1 ½” 300 21Kw 2.5 16ml/r 25 19.0
HM24100 G1 ½” 500 45Kw 2.5 25ml/r 25 31.2
HM6042 G1 ½” 600 52Kw 2.5 25ml/r 25 42

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