Aluminum Hydraulic Oil Cooler with Hydraulic Motor

Product Cageroy:Hydraulic Oil Cooler with Hydraulic Motor

Model No:HM1490


Gear Motor Displacement:16ml/r

Cooling power(△t=30℃):up to 52Kw

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Hydraulic Oil Cooler equipped with Hydraulic motor is suitable for industrial and mobile applications.

These coolers are designed specifically for mobile hydraulic applications where high performance and efficiency are required and physical size must be minimised to allow easy installation.

Typical applications include mobile cranes, concrete mixers and pump trucks, road paving machines &transmission cooling.

These coolers use a combination of high performance cooling elements and high capacity, long life DC electric powered fans to give long trouble free operation in arduous mobile hydraulic applications.

The compact design allows the coolers to fit most equipment and provide the highest cooling performance in heat dissipation whilst minimising.



Model Threaded Flowl/min Cooling Power   (△T=30℃) PressureMpa Displacement of motor Motor PressureMpa Heat Transarea  m²
HM1490 G ½” 200 15Kw 2.5 8ml/r 25 9.3
HM1680 G1 ½” 250 21Kw 2.5 8ml/r 25 11.3
HM2095 G1 ½” 350 21Kw 2.5 16ml/r 25 19.0
HM1880 G1 ½” 300 21Kw 2.5 16ml/r 25 19.0
HM24100 G1 ½” 500 45Kw 2.5 25ml/r 25 31.2
HM6042 G1 ½” 600 52Kw 2.5 25ml/r 25 42

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