Installation of Hydraulic Oil Coolers

Installation of Hydraulic Oil Coolers Are you looking for suitable coolers for quenching and lubricating oils and heat transfer fluids? Hydraulic Oil Coolers is the answer for your needs. They are known to be ideally used to a spectrum range of manufacturing, agricultural, industrial and mobile settings. They are effective in removing excess heat which is generated by energy’s system losses as well as to external sources like furnaces, engines, and the surrounding environment. Hydraulic Oil Coolers refers to the device [...]

The Reasons Causing Accidents of Air Oil Coolers in Construction Machinery

The Reasons Causing Accidents of Air Oil Coolers in Construction Machinery hydraulic oil cooler with ac motor Air oil coolers are equipments used in order to cool gear drives, fluid power systems, hydraulic presses and torque converters among others. It uses the air cooling method for dissipating heat. With this method, the surface area or the increasing air flow of the object that’s being cooled is expanded. In order to remove the heat, the air around the object or the surface [...]

Why select a hydraulic oil cooler?

  As a means of power diffusion, hydraulics has many benefits. But overall efficiency is NOT one of them. A single-reduction gearbox has an efficacy of 98 to 99 percent, double-reduction 96 to 97 percent and triple-reduction 95 percent. A chain drive in well-being has an efficiency of 97 to 98 percent. A high-performance piston force has a competence of 92 percent. If this pump drives a piston motor, the overall efficiency of this hydraulic energy, is 85 percent (0.92 x [...]