• Air Oil Cooler

    Product Cageroy:Air Oil Cooler

    • Radiator side is aluminum alloy
    • Flow rate:From  20liter/min up to 1200 liter/min
    • Cooling power(△t=30℃):From 1Kw to 120Kw
    • Fan Voltage: AC220/380V,DC12/24V,Hydraulic motor
    • Thermostat is optional
    • Interchangeable with most common brands
    • Working pressure is 24 bar



  • Explosion-proof Fan Air Cooler

    Explosion-proof Fan Air Cooler

    Product Cageroy:Explosion-proof Fan Ail Cooler

    Model No:HD1490FB


    Cooling power(△t=30℃):15Kw

    Fan IP Level:IP56(Ex dIIB T4 Gb)

  • Explosion-proof Fan Motor Air Oil Cooler

    Explosion-proof Fan Oil Cooler

    Product Cageroy:Explosion-proof Fan Oil Cooler

    Model No:HD1012FB


    Cooling power(△t=30℃):6Kw

    Explosion-proof Fan Motor equipped

  • Explosion-proof Fan Motor Air Oil Cooler

    Hydraulic Oil Cooler with explosion-proof Fan Motor

    Product Cageroy:Hydraulic Oil Cooler with Explosion-proof Fan Motor

    Model No:HD1012B


    Fan Voltage: AC220V/380V

    Fan Power: 180W

    Cooling Power(△T=30℃):6.0Kw(8.0Hp)