Oil Cooler for Hydraulic Power Pack

Product Cageroy:Oil Cooler for Hydraulic Power Pack

Model No:AH0608T


Fan Voltage: AC220/380V

Fan Power: 38W

Suitable Hydraulic system:0.75~1.1KW

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An oil cooler is a common component used in hydraulic power packs to regulate the temperature of the hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil can become hot as it circulates through the system, which can lead to problems such as decreased efficiency and premature wear on components.

聽Technical Data:

Oil Cooler for Hydraulic Power Pack聽specification

AH Thread Flow Max. Pressure Exterior cooling area L x H x W Weight Applicable Motor Power IP
PT L/Min Mpa m/m kg Kw
AH0608T* 3/4″ 50 2.0 0.70 320*200
5 0.75-1.1Kw

An oil cooler works by using a heat exchanger to transfer heat from the hydraulic oil to another fluid, such as water or air, which is then cooled by a separate cooling system. This process helps to maintain a consistent temperature within the hydraulic system, which can help to prolong the life of the components and improve overall performance.


Oil Cooler for Hydraulic Power Pack AH0608T

Oil Cooler for Hydraulic Power Pack AH0608T

When selecting an oil cooler for a hydraulic power pack, it is important to consider factors such as the flow rate, pressure, and temperature requirements of the system. The size and capacity of the oil cooler should also be chosen based on the specific needs of the system, and it should be installed in a location that allows for proper airflow and cooling.

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