Oil Air Heat Exchanger HD1492AC

Product Cageroy:Oil Air Heat Exchanger

Model No:HD1492AC


Fan Voltage: AC220V/380V

Fan Power: 129W

Suitable Hydraulic system:18KW(25Hp)

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An oil-air heat exchanger is a type of heat exchanger that is used to transfer heat between oil and air. It is commonly used in automotive and industrial applications, where it is used to cool oil that is used for lubrication or hydraulic purposes.

Technical Data:

Oil Air聽Heat Exchanger聽specification
Model No Thread Flow Max. Pressure Exterior cooling area L x H x W Weight Applicable motor power IP
G L/Min Mpa m/m kg Kw
HD1492AC 1 1/4鈥 200 2.0 10.6 502*500
26 18Kw

The heat exchanger consists of two separate channels, one for the oil and one for the air, that are separated by a heat transfer surface. The oil flows through a set of tubes or passages in the heat exchanger, while the air flows over the outside of the tubes or passages. As the oil flows through the heat exchanger, it transfers its heat to the air, which is then blown away by a fan or other means.


Oil Air Heat Exchanger HD1492AC

Oil Air Heat Exchanger HD1492AC

Oil-air heat exchangers are typically made of metal, such as aluminum or copper, due to their high thermal conductivity. They can be either air-cooled or liquid-cooled, depending on the application and requirements.


Oil-air heat exchangers have several advantages over other types of heat exchangers. They are compact, lightweight, and relatively simple to manufacture, making them ideal for use in tight spaces. They are also highly efficient, providing a high rate of heat transfer for their size. Additionally, they are able to operate in high-temperature environments without suffering from thermal fatigue or degradation.

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