Hydraulic Cooler with Fan

Product Cageroy:Hydraulic Cooler with Fan

Model No:AH0608TL


Fan Voltage: AC220/380V

Fan Power: 38W

Cooling Power(△T=30℃):3.0Kw(4.0Hp)

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A hydraulic cooler with a fan is a type of cooling system that uses hydraulic fluid to transfer heat away from a machine or system, and a fan to dissipate the heat into the surrounding air.

Technical Data:

Hydraulic Cooler with Fan specification

AH Thread Flow Max. Pressure Exterior cooling area L x H x W Weight Applicable Motor Power IP
PT L/Min Mpa m/m kg Kw
AH0608TL 3/4″ 50 2.0 1.1 420*200
6 3Kw


Hydraulic Cooler with Fan

Hydraulic Cooler with Fan

In hydraulic systems, the fluid can become hot due to friction and other factors, which can lead to reduced efficiency and potentially cause damage to the system if not properly cooled. The hydraulic cooler with a fan helps maintain the appropriate operating temperature by continuously circulating and cooling the fluid.


The hydraulic cooler typically consists of a heat exchanger, which allows the hot fluid to exchange heat with a cooler fluid, such as air or water. The fan helps to increase airflow over the heat exchanger, which improves the cooling efficiency.


Hydraulic coolers with fans are commonly used in a variety of applications, including industrial machinery, construction equipment, and mobile hydraulic systems. They are designed to be rugged and durable, and to operate in harsh environments, making them a reliable choice for cooling hydraulic systems.

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