Explosion-proof Fan Air Cooler

Product Cageroy:Explosion-proof Fan Ail Cooler

Model No:HD1490FB


Cooling power(△t=30℃):15Kw

Fan IP Level:IP56(Ex dIIB T4 Gb)

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The explosion-proof air cooler is designed with a high-performance carbon fiber antistatic material fan with explosion-proof grades of ExdII BT4 and ExdIICT4.The radiator is an aluminum alloy vacuum brazed plate finned heat exchanger with an antistatic and anticorrosive layer on the surface. Special specifications can also be customized with full copper tube finned radiators, which can meet the cooling and cooling requirements of hydraulic system lubrication systems for various explosion-proof applications.

Explosion-proof type air cooler is suitable for explosion-proof hydraulic system, explosion-proof hydraulic pump station, explosion-proof lubrication system, coal mine machinery, tunnel equipment, chemical equipment, oil and gas field equipment, dust explosion-proof, gas explosion-proof, gas and other inflammable and explosive occasions.

Explosion-proof fan air cooler dimension

Explosion-proof fan air cooler dimension

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