Aluminum Plate Fin Heat Exchanger

Product Cageroy:Aluminum Plate Fin Heat Exchanger

Model No:HD2095T


Fan Voltage: AC220/380V

Fan Power: 450W

Suitable Hydraulic system:30~37KW(40-50Hp)

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The aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger is a novel heat exchanger with fins as heat transfer elements. It has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, wide adaptability and light weight, and can be designed as multiple fluids simultaneously. For heat transfer special-purpose heat exchangers, aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers have many structural types, but their basic structure consists mainly of corrugated fins, seals and partitions. The fins mainly serve as heat transfer, and the seals form channels for each layer of fins to function as a closure and support. The various flow patterns depend on the arrangement of the seals and fins. The separator is a thin crucible coated with solder on both sides, mainly for separation.

It is used as main heat exchanger, switching heat exchanger, hydraulic oil cooler, condenser, evaporator, pre-cooler, subcooler, liquefier, oil and gas water integrated cooler. Suitable for heat exchange between gas and liquid. It is widely used in air separation equipment, pharmaceutical petrochemical, wind power, fertilizer, hydraulic equipment, automobile manufacturing, natural gas, heavy machinery, electronics, defense aviation, aerospace and other fields.

Operating Data:

  • Flow:20~600liter/min
  • Max pressure:25bar
  • Max temperature:for oil 120鈩
  • Standard ambient temperatures:-20鈩 to +40鈩
  • Fan drives:AC聽fan motor,DC聽fan motor,Hydraulic motor


  • Drilling rigs
  • Wind Power
  • Hydraulic excavators
  • Punching machines
  • Press machines
Plate fin heat exchanger for construction machine

Plate fin heat exchanger for construction machine

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