Truck Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Product Cageroy:Truck Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Model No:HD1490DC


Fan Voltage: DC12V/24V

Fan Power: 240W

Cooling Power(△T=30℃):15Kw(20Hp)

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A truck hydraulic oil cooler is a device that helps to cool the hydraulic oil in a truck’s hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil is used to power various components of the truck, such as the brakes, steering, and lift systems.

Technical Data:

Truck Hydraulic Oil Cooler specification

Model No Thread Flow Max. Pressure Exterior cooling area L x H x W Weight Applicable motor power IP
G L/Min Mpa m/m kg Kw
HD1490DC 1 1/4″ 200 2.0 9.3 502*500
22.5 11-15Kw


Trcuk Hydraulic Oil Cooler HD1490DC

Trcuk Hydraulic Oil Cooler HD1490DC


The hydraulic oil cooler is typically located in the truck’s radiator or in a separate unit mounted on the front of the truck. It works by using the flow of air over a set of fins to dissipate heat from the hydraulic oil. The cooler may have a fan to increase the airflow and enhance cooling.


Cooling the hydraulic oil is important because it helps to prevent the oil from overheating and breaking down. Overheating can cause the oil to lose its viscosity, leading to reduced performance and potentially damaging the hydraulic components. By using a hydraulic oil cooler, the truck’s hydraulic system can operate at a more consistent and optimal temperature, ensuring reliable performance and longer component life.



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