Plate Fin Heat Exchanger

Product Cageroy:Plate Fin Heat Exchanger

Model No:AH1417T


Cooling Power(△=30℃):7Kw(9Hp)

Fan Voltage: AC220/380V,DC12/24V

Thermostat Switch is available

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Plate Fin Heat Exchanger is the one with plate and fin for heat exchanger.It is mainly composed of plate beam and the head.There are several channel plate beam.It is placed in each layer of fin channel between two plates,and sealed both sides.Based on the fluid flow in different ways,cold,hot fluid channel spacing,alignment and overlay welding as a whold,which is made of plate beam.Two fluid can be countercurrent flow and cross flow,etc.

The development trend of the plate fin heat exchanger is: to improve the accuracy and the brazing quality of fin, increase the varieties and specifications, to strengthen the fin performance, multi stream and transformation conditions to study the heat transfer mechanism etc.

Technical Data:

Model No Rate of Flow Working Pressure Fan Power Fan Voltage Applicable Motor Power Exterior Cooling Area
AH1417T(DC) 30~120L/Min ≤2.0Mpa 80W DC12/24V  4-5KW(5-7Hp) 4.5㎡



Plate Fin Heat Exchanger Dimension

Plate Fin Heat Exchanger Dimension



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