Oil Cooler for Air Compressor

Product Cageroy:Oil Cooler for Air Compressor

Model No:HD2095AC


Fan Voltage: AC220/380V

Fan Power: 414W

Suitable Hydraulic system:30KW(40Hp)

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Oil cooler for an air compressor is a device that helps to dissipate the heat generated by the compressor’s lubricating oil. The oil cooler is typically a heat exchanger that allows the hot oil to flow through a set of tubes or plates, while a cooling fluid, such as water or air, flows around the tubes or plates, carrying away the heat.

Technical Data:

Oil Cooler for Air Compressor聽specification

Model No Thread Flow Max. Pressure Exterior cooling area L x H x W Weight Applicable motor power IP
G L/Min Mpa m/m kg Kw
HD2095AC 1 1/2鈥 350 2.0 19.0 788*666
49 37Kw



Oil Cooler for Air Compressor

Oil Cooler for Air Compressor

The oil cooler helps to prevent the oil from overheating, which can cause it to break down and lose its lubricating properties. Overheating can also lead to damage to the compressor’s internal components, such as the bearings and seals. By removing the heat from the oil, the oil cooler can help to extend the life of the compressor and reduce the risk of breakdowns and maintenance costs.


Oil coolers can be integrated into the air compressor itself or can be separate units that are connected to the compressor’s lubrication system via hoses or pipes. The type of oil cooler needed will depend on the size and capacity of the compressor, as well as the operating conditions and environment in which it is used.

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