Hydraulic Oil Cooler with Explosion-proof Fan Motor


Product Cageroy:Plate Fin Industrial Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Model No:HD18140FB


Fan Voltage: AC380V

Fan Power: 550W

Cooling power(△T=30℃):22KW

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  • hydraulic oil cooler with explosion-proof fan motor
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The hydraulic system converts the hydraulic pressure into mechanical energy, in which the oil will cause friction with the oil cylinder, which will be lost, and the oil temperature will rise. If the oil temperature is too high, it will affect the operation of the system, so it is necessary to cool the hydraulic oil to make it operate well.

Air oil cooler is one of the components of the hydraulic system.

This explosion-proof fan motor oil cooler is customized design for marine cranes.Its IP grade up to IP68.


For Marine Cranes

For Mining Machinery

For Industrial Machinery

This hydraulic oil cooler is customized for hydraulic marine cranes.

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