Hydraulic Fan Oil Cooler

Product Cageroy:Hydraulic Fan Oil Cooler

Model No:AH0608T


Fan Voltage: AC220/380V

Fan Power: 38W

Suitable Hydraulic system:0.75~1.5KW(1-2Hp)

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Chance Hydraulics offers a wide range of oil coolers,heat exchangers,air coolers,etc.Hydraulic oil cooler is composed of electric fan motor,aluminum radiator and shell.It’s designed to achieve good cooling capacity and used for different kinds of industrial and mobile applications.

Hydraulic fan oil cooler is characterized by its compact,lightweight,efficient design.The oil-pass welded inside fin,and connects with outside fin rigidly.The efficiency of heat conduction is even superior to shell-and-tube heat exchanger.

To protect Hydraulic Fan Oil Cooler, it should be installed to the return line of the systems or when the equipment is started up running by the cold oil, a by-pass valve should always be mounted in parallel to the exchanger in order to avoid excessive pressure surges. For all applications, except oil cooling, it is recommended to consult our technical department.

Hydraulic Fan Oil Cooler specification
Model Thread Flow Max. Pressure Exterior cooling area L x H x W Weight Applicable Motor Power IP
PT L/Min Mpa m/m kg Kw
AH0608T 3/4″ 50 2.0 0.70 320*200
5 0.75-1.1Kw

AC220/380V,DC12/24V is available.


  • Hydraulic System
  • CNC Machine
  • Hydraulic excavators
  • Punching machines
  • Press machines
    Hydraulic fan oil cooler size

    Hydraulic fan oil cooler size

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