Construction Vehicle Heat Exchanger

Product Cageroy:Heat Exchanger

Model No:HD1861T


Fan Voltage: DC12/24V

Fan Power: 480W

Suitable Hydraulic system:22~30KW(30-40Hp)

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Construction Vehicle Heat Exchanger聽HD1861T(DC)

Air Oil Heat Exchangers聽is manufactured by specially choosen lightweight aluminum alloy materials with good shock strength and high heat exchange efficency.In the respect of the product structure,the cooling tube is equipped with built-in fins,which can maximize heat dissipating surface and accelerate heat transmission.Under the effect of the electricity fan,air is used as the cooling source to forcibly take away the heat so as to achieve the cooling result with low cost and high efficiency,as well as meeting the energy-saving,water-saving and enviroment-friendly demands.

Heat exchanger is designed to solve the problem of overheating of hydraulic system of engineering vehicles.


Construction Vehicle Heat Exchanger Size

Construction Vehicle Heat Exchanger Size

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