AC Fan Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Product Cageroy:AC Fan Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Model No:AH1012T


Fan Voltage: AC220/380V

Fan Power: 80W

Suitable Hydraulic system:2.2~4KW(3-5Hp)

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Hydraulic oil coolers are primarily used on the return circuits of hydraulic systems. Hydraulic systems and lubrication systems are an important part of every machine. The hydraulic system needs to maintain a high pressure continuously while working, which generates a large amount of heat, and the oil temperature rises after a long period of work. If the heat is not released in time, the sealing components of the system will be deteriorated and damaged, and the viscosity of the oil will become lower as the oil temperature rises, and the oil pressure will not meet the requirements of the work. To ensure safe and reliable operation of the unit. The oil temperature must be controlled within the specified range. Although the main reason for the increase in the oil temperature of the lubrication system is different from that of the hydraulic system, it is also necessary to control the oil temperature within the specified range.

Operating Data:

  • Flow:20~600liter/min
  • Max pressure:25bar
  • Max temperature:for oil 120鈩
  • Standard ambient temperatures:-20鈩 to +40鈩
  • Fan drives:AC聽fan motor,DC聽fan motor,Hydraulic motor

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